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Hoi Huat Group is modern-day marine aquafarming group of companies with more than 31 years of rich experience in the aquaculture industry, focusing on the cultivation of marine prawns, sea bass, and primarily milk fish.

Our Group, which consists of 4 sister companies namely Hoi Huat Aquaculture Sdn Bhd, Hoi Huat Industries Sdn Bhd, Usaha Fadzilat (M) Sdn Bhd, and Usaha Fadzilat Industries Sdn Bhd, is both renowned and revered for being one of the largest and freshest producers of tiger prawns, pacific white shrimps, and in recent times – the only aquaculturist in the country to succeed in research and mass cultivation of milk fish.

The Group’s national headquarter is located at Kawasan Perusahaan LPK 3, which is strategically positioned in the heart of Sungai Petani, the largest town in the state of Kedah with a high and medium-sized business community. Equipped with modern facilities and infrastructures in all of our factories and processing plants, we are poised to serve our business partners, dealers and resellers with the freshest produce direct from our ponds which spans across hundreds of acres of land in the Kuala Muda District.

Our Aquafarming Practice

Hoi Huat uses purpose-built earthen ponds, constructed on coastal lands warm with brackish waters which is well-suited for the intensive culture. Sustainable and clean coastal resource has ensured our successful farming of the prawns, shrimps and fishes. We practise scheduled maintenance such as timely replacement of equipment, weekly cleaning, antibiotic residue monitoring program, and periodical treatment to remove foul odour, fouling organisms and moribund fish, and prevent disease outbreaks. MDPE is also applied towards the ponds to smoothen the flow of water circulation and avoid soil erosion.


To make Hoi Huat Group the most popular and preferred choice of aquaculture marine products for all in Malaysia, and South East Asia by 2025.


To supply the best value and the highest quality products, fresh and value-added, to meet all market requirements and customers’ satisfaction by constantly improving our cultivation practice and technology, and always be prepared to adapt and adopt to modernization.


  • We commit to always raise the bar in enhancing the food and nutritional value of all our products.
    We commit to provide service excellence and uncompromised quality.
  • We commit to always emphasize on innovative technology which is able to reduce cost and remain competitive in price for the benefit of consumers.
  • We commit to advocate aquaculture education to the next generation of aspiring students, researchers and aquafarmers.

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